Let’s Frame This

New Blogger InitiativeI’ve been procrastinating on writing content for this site.  Luckily, the New Blogger Initiative this May run by Sypster at Biobreak has lit a fire under my keister and here it is – my first post.

It’s a place full of chainmail bikinis

So, what can you expect to read about here?  First, posts will be about anything under the sun really that tickles my fancy while developing a MMO; be it business, programming, art, community, or design.  Second, it’s your chance to get into my brain – and I must admit – it is quite a scary place.  It’s a place full of chainmail bikinis, alien face-huggers, space rangers, hackers, dwarves, tsunamis, and natto jiru.  Beyond that, I hope to it may be of some use to aspiring developers or anyone who’s just plain interested in how stuff works even if you’re not planning on building one yourself.

What about this game I mentioned?  I’ll leave the details up to a future post.  But to help scope the discussion here meanwhile, we’ll be concentrating on indie-scale MMOs.  That’s an odd term, and probably not very descriptive in itself.  Suffice it to say, we’re not a developer of size, and are limited in scale of ambition and resources to draw from.  I’ll draw on a bit of best-practices from seven plus years in the game industry as a programmer but this is not the definitive guide on how to build a MMO.  Each one has its own set of tradeoffs.  Plus, there’s definitely going to be a certain amount of MacGuyvering as we do this.

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