As a gamer, you should be pro-feminist for one very simple reason: better games. No, I don’t even mean more diversity in game archetypes – although that would be nice personally – but I really just mean better games.  A better Call of Duty, a better League of Legends, a better Civilization, a better insert […]


I came across Kyle Kingsbury’s talk on network partitions while doing some unrelated research into monitoring systems.  But first, What are Network Partitions? Say you have a globally distributed game.  One datacenter in the US, another in the EU.  To consolidate the user base, we have a single accounts database.  A simplistic approach would be […]

Merry Christmas everyone! Not to let one side feel left out, there’s also a set of game related presentations from Google IO 2013.  So without further ado, grab your cup of egg nog and a warm blanket for these presentations. Intense Gaming Chris Elliott, Alexis Hanicotte, Olivier Michon Here Be BigQuery: Building Social Gaming Infrastructure […]

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Here’s a whole bunch of presentations dug up from Amazon’s conference on their cloud service. AWS re:Invent 2013 Firefall MMO Video Presentation Building a World in the Clouds – MMO Architecture on AWS Jeffrey Berube, Red 5 Studios, Inc. Slides AWS re:Invent 2013 Killzone Video Presentation (re)Building Killzone’s Servers – How We Used AWS in […]

Carina Nebula

When dealing with servers, there’s always one issue that crops up once in a while when you’re not looking. Entropy …or lack of it in particular. You see, computers are things that don’t like to generate unknown values.  In fact, they’re purposely built to avoid that.  But here and there, we have on occasion required […]


Note: this was actually written back in March.  I just scheduled it for release on March 2113, which might have taken a while given its natural course.  You have the recent series of NBI posts to blame for this “I am alive” post :)   Hot on the heals of Anita Sarkeesian’s somewhat disappointing first […]

Bollywood Wannabe

Jump here to the Gamasutra article: How to license music the indie way A nice writeup by indie developer Catherine Levesque on how to find music for her game Bollywood Wannabe.  Includes tips about finding the contact information, negotiating, and writing up contracts.

Games + Charity = Awesome

We’ve all heard of Humble Bundle and how they manage to raise over $10.7 million towards various charities.  I like to put that into the column of how gaming can actually improve the world.  Gaming is no longer a solitary hobby where people shut themselves off from the rest of the world.  It’s a form […]

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Back in the previous post about what I think happened to SimCity, I suggested moving towards a service oriented architecture (SOA) to avoid having a single hot database cluster melt under load.  Of course, SOA doesn’t prevent that eventual scenario, it merely moves that point in time further downstream. But really, picking a MMO architecture […]

Just a quick follow-up post to the SimCity meltdown.  In case someone gets the wrong idea and thinks that the database issues could be foreseen, it should be said that the database is typically lowest on the hierarchy of constraints when trying to size up the server hardware.  Their long history of development and general good performance makes it […]


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